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Vertical Signaling

Do you know the meaning of road signs?

In fact there are 2 types of signs:

* The vertical sign all those signs that are built and installed plates through poles, and *The horizontal signal are stripes, words, symbols and objects themselves ¬, applied or attached to the pavement


The vertical signal is classified into 3 basic types are:* Precautionary Signs
* Restrictive Signs
 *Informative Signs

Warning signs:

Are yellow signs with a symbol and that are intended to warn drivers of the existence of danger on the road and nature.Examples include the following.
Incorporation closed curve sinuous curve Of transit curve
 junctionnarrowing the road clear width skid surface

 slippery slope school crossing Railroad crossing divided road

Signs Restrictive:

Signals are white with a red ring and are intended toindicate the existence of physical limitations or prohibitions regulations governing transit. Example of these are:
The non-compliance of some of these signals is typifiedby a fine in the Traffic Regulations.

Informative signs:

These are signs with slogans and / or symbols, which are intended to guide you along your route along streets and highways, and tell younames and locations of towns, attractions, services, mileage and certain recommendations should be observed. These signals are classified as:

* Identification
 *Recommendation *General Information
 *Services and scalpel ¬ LINE FANTASY
Identification information:

Are intended to identify the streets as your name and highways according to their route number and mileage.
Destination information:

Are intended to inform users about the name and location of each of the destinations that are along your route.
Its primary application is in the intersections...
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