Networks of mind and power

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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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Networks of Mind and Power

“Communication happens by activating minds to share meaning” (137) Castells introduces this chapter by explaining how communication is possible through a unique processthat takes place in our brain, through the mind and in interaction with the body-proper. Thus, mind is a process of creation and manipulation of mental images; and brain and the body-proper form oneorganism connected by neural networks, where the brain processes stimuli received from the body-proper and from its environment in order to ensure the survival and increasing the well-being of thebrain’s owner (137-138). Most of the times the process above explained is unconscious, however, the specific mental manipulation for survival and well-being is consciously and it actually makes feelingsarise and therefore emotions. Those play a fundamental role in the mind as they orient the self towards decision-making. The human mind is activated by accessing the brain maps via language. Thiscommunication is possible through protocols of communication- metaphors. Metaphors connect language and brain circuitry; and through this, narratives are constructed. Narratives are formed by frames. Thisprocess is fundamental to understand as that is how power is generated in our mind and can differs our decision-making as it is shows on the political case study.
“The political brain is an emotionalbrain” (Castells cit. Lakoff), this is the clue to understand why people’s decision sometimes can go against people’s believe. According with this study, political cognition is susceptible toemotions and its behaviour obeys two emotional systems, the disposition system and the surveillance system. The first induces enthusiasm, influencing loyalty to parties, candidates, etc.; and the secondfear, which induces critical examination of parties, candidates, etc. Those positive and negative emotions orient people’s mind, especially in political campaigns. According to Castells, information and...
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