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  • Publicado : 27 de mayo de 2010
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How the Neuromarketing influence consumers to buy?

Currently we are at marketing war, the publicity struggle to get our attention.
Advertisers have been orderedto search new strategies and methods to get the consumer's mind and convince them that their product or service is the best. In this case is when Neuromarketing techniques takecenter stage.

Supporting Ideas
First we have to know what the Neuromarketing is. Neuromarketing is a new way of knowing the consumer. It consists in the application of techniquesof neuroscience in marketing. It’s about to know and to understand what are the publicity effects on the brain.

Some investigations have shown that 80% and 90% of purchasesthat the consumers make are thoughtless, because people buy things that really don’t need, only buy because they want to look like some people, for power, for a simple wish, to beaccepted in a social group, pleasure, fashion, status, influence, publicity, security and between others reasons.

A great help system that locates areas of the brain that areactivated before publicity stimuli is the tomograph which allows the consumer to know the structure brain that affect the decision making.

Tomographic images show that the brainreacts better to faces than to logos, because the faces generate feeling and famous stimulate memory.
An example is Dove campaign where a brain scan shows that publicity works betterwith people who are so beautiful.


The Neuromarketing is very important and it’s a big help for every marketing strategy.

With the Neuromarketing you can arriveto the subconscious of every consumer, giving the company more security. By this method the consumer receives more influence because they are heading directly to their emotions
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