Neuroscience epilepsie

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  • Publicado : 13 de mayo de 2011
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One over ten persons can suffer manifestations of epilepsy during their lives” (Brailowsky, 7). Epilepsy is an alteration of the nervous system. Around the world, epilepsy has been defined by theWorld Ministry of health, as a chronic affection of diverse etiologies, characterized by the repetition of crisis, generated by an excessive charge of brain neurons, independent of clinic or paraclinicsymptoms eventually associated. This definition refers as affection associated with many causes; therefore, a specific or common cause for all cases of epilepsy is unknown. “In some there appears to bea hereditary predisposition; in a few, a local lesion, such as a cerebral tumor or scarring of the cortex following trauma, is the cause” (Snell, 309). Studies demonstrate that there is a lowincidence percentage of a hereditary influence, if both parents have epilepsy, in consequence there is a 6% of possibilities that they could have a son that can develop epilepsy; in the other hand there area 2% of probabilities in the population in general to have this disease (Brailowsky, 16). The main symptom is a general or partial seizure. A general seizure is characterized by consciousness, lossof motor activity, and the EEG detects three peaks point-wave, these symptoms initiate in childhood and they can persist in adults. A partial seizure is characterized by convulsions in one extremity ofthe body; there are no alterations in the conscious of the person, the EEG detects focal peaks in the frontal or temporal lobules. (Misulis, 179).
The objective of these research paper is to findthe frequency and real data, of epilepsy around of Ecuador regions, when this factor would be determined, a specific place would be selected in order to find the incidence of epilepsy and factors thatcontribute to the develop of this illness. Another objective is to compare the truthfulness of the ministry of health and the real data. With this research it would be possible to analyze the...