New years resolutions 2011

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Last January, about these days, I was so committed and excited with my new classes and various activities on campus. My last year resolutions were focus on showing up on time and to every singleclass, strengthening and developing new friendships, improving my language skills and the most important get closer to God and look at him as my father, mother and best friend in order to fulfill thosemoments of loneliness, sadness and homesickness. This last resolution came up to me over Christmas break. I was so tempted to stay home and continue my life there. My priest brother always comes aroundChristmas to spent time with my family. Fredy usually gives me this huge homilies about life and how to be better than a mess, I typically don’t remember a thing, but this time he told me somethingalong the lines of: you can never go home again, but you can never leave home, because home is not where you live but where they understand and love you, so everything will be alright. Those wordschanged my plans and I was like: GOD you are so awesome, thanks for talking to me in that way.
According to the Barna and Charisma Magazine the New year resolutions for most of Americans show a notsurprisingly common trend, at the top of the list the resolutions are related to fit in fitness, diet and health, followed by people talking about money, debt and finances. Less than 5% of the peoplementioned at least something related with improving relationships, giving more, and having a better life.
And only 1% mentioned that one of their objectives for next year was getting closer to God in anypossible way, but even when people pronounced God’s name it was for their convince or self-interest of an activity they were about to start. None of them was expecting to have a personal pursuit orexperience of God in their lives.
Actually, I was not surprised for those results because without my brother’s advice I wouldn’t thought about have a deeper and better intimacy with God over the...
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