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How to use webcam to record video on 1. Go to YouTube home page and sign in.

2. Click the “upload” (subir) link.

3. Click the “upload from webcam” (Grabar de cámara web)link.

4. You'll get this screen:

You have to allow the Flash Player access to the webcam and microphone. You can do it by clicking “Allow” (Permitir), if you want to record more videosjust click on “Remember” (Recordar) on this way the flash player will not ask you it again. 5. Now you'll be able for recording your video.

6. When it is done, just click on stop. (andwait, It will seem like the app crashes but you got to be patient). 7. You'll get this screen:

By clicking “Preview” (Previsualizar), You can watch your video before upload it.


By clicking “Re-record” (Regrabar), You can record the video again. Be careful, if you click this button your video will be erased and replaced with the new recording. By clicking“Publish”. The video will be uploaded, this may take several minutes depending on duration and the image quality.

8. Finally you got to wait until the process finishes on YouTube's servers.You got a screen like this when you got to My Videos link:

9. Now you can edit the settings for your video: Title, description, location, etcetera.

Privacy settings are one of the mostimportant because if you wish your video to be shared only with the people you want, you can do it modifying them. In the Edit screen, scrolling down through the page you'll find somethinglike this:

You have to configure those settings how it shows in the example, on that way you

can select the people who are allowed to watch your video (you got to send the URL to thosepeople). Well We finished this tutorial, I hope you have understood the process, it's very easy!. If you want to learn more about uploading videos to, click here.

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