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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2010
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NOVEMBER 2010 2010

• • The need The potential


•The need The professional and business people of Buenos Aires comprise a group ofapproximately two million people (out of a total metropolitan population of approximately 14 million) with less than one percent born-again believers. While the percentage of evangelicals in Argentina hasperhaps tripled during the past 30 years to around ten percent, this group remains unreached mostly due to lack of interest on the part of national churches and foreign mission organizations and alsodue to the separation and segmentation of social classes in the Latin American urban environment that is very different from the North American cultural scene. The social segmentation has isolated thisUPG from the evangelical church in Argentina, in which growth has occurred mostly in the working and lower social classes. The result is that very few professionals in Buenos Aires have friends orassociates who are truly born-again believers and model the Christian life in this level of society. The combination of all these factors makes successful ministry to this UPG more expensive and morelong-term than outreach to other social groups in the country. Simply put, the cost in money and time has discouraged many churches and mission agencies from ministering to the professional people inBuenos Aires. The need for "success" in ministry has caused The Church to largely bypass this UPG. •The potential As mentioned above, the evangelical church has grown rather significantly as a percentageof the population of Argentina. Yet most Argentines would agree that the country has not improved significantly in spite of the increasing number of evangelicals, and many would say that, ethically,morally and spiritually, the country is worse than it

The Buenos Aires Professional Project is a unique ministry where God has opened the door to Argentina's largest Unreached People Group (UPG)....
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