Nicholo machiavelli

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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2010
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Alexander the Machiavellian
It is said, The Prince, a bookk weitten by Nicolo Machiavelly, is among the best books on politics ever written. Machiavelly, in his book, explains how succesful monarchs govern their kingdoms. After reading The Prince; I wonder, how a man aspiring to be king, always applying Machiavellian teachings, would decide to reach that goal and to make it be a succesfulkingdom. I shall then in this work, through the use of my imagination, try to accomplish just that.
For the Purpose of this work, it is neccesary to come up with the name our future king. His name; thus, will be Alexander. Alexander was born in Tyr and grew up to be a virtuous man. Among his friends he is known as Alexander the virtuous. Alexander has always wanted to be king. He had never tried tobecome king because he did not think to have the knowledge neccesary to be one. But Alexander has now read “The Prince”, and feels he is now ready to become king of Tyr. Alexander knows that if he inherited a kingdom it would be relatively easy for him to keep it. After many years of being ruled by a monarch, the people would not rebel against him as long as he did not deviate too much away from thepath of his predecesors. Alexander; However, knows he is not of royal blood; In fact, there is already a king in Tyr, Tyranus. Tyranus is a cruel king, hated by the people of Tyr. Taxes in the kingdom are too high, many citizens have lost their properties, and the king has had his way with the women of his nobles. All these realities have turned both the people and nobles malcontent, and Alexanderplans to take advantage of this situation. The future king has already managed to win the favor of many by expressing his own ideas for reform behind the king’s back in secret gatherings. A group of wealthy nobles have heard about Alexander new ideas and decided to help him. After some planning, with the help of the nobles, Alexander kills Tyranus and becomes king of Tyr. The new king knows thathis permanence in power depends greatly on the decitions he makes next. Any remaining blood relative of king Tyranus is a major threat to the new kingdom; therefore, the new king has all of them killed without exception. As for the nobles that helped the king steal the crown; they pose an even greater threat to Alexander. The king recognizes that if the nobles are not rewarded as they please, hewill be soon stripped of his powers. Being a puppet king is not an option for Alexander; therefore, he has all these nobles killed as well.
Alexander’s coming has meant misery for many other nobles, and he sees this as an opportunity to add true loyals to his court. Because as the nobles that helped him killed Tyranus were weak allies since they expected many benefits; the nobles that have losteverything, if helped, will be great allies since they will be filled with gratitude towars the king. After ridding his kingdom of all immediate threat, the king now decides to turn to the people. He remembers the importance of keeping the favor of the people and of his court. To achive this, he does not turn into a liberal king; because one that gives so much away goes broke; Thus, burdening thepeople even more in the long run. Alexander abstains from taking away what is others, and taxes moderately. He knows the people will see that their king runs office and wages wars without burdening them; therefore, he will be looked upon as a good king. And a king that is liked by his people is much safer than a hated king, because when in the event a foreign force threats the kingdom, a hated kingwill have many betrayers willing to help the foreigners carry their campaign, while a loved king will not.
Rumors about a hostile neighbor kingdom called Neigh gets to the King’s ears. The king of Neigh is expanding his kingdom and is considering conquering Tyr. Alexander realizes that while he may be protected from internal threats, he needs an army to protect his kingdom from external ones....
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