Nietzsche vs. kant, which truth is the true?

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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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Final Essay:
Nietzsche vs. Kant, Which Truth is The True?

23 de November del 2009

Which Truth is The True?Truth is so abstract that philosopher Nietzsche said “truth is a lie” (Magee) that the essence of the meaning of truth is a big lie; he said that we give the meaning of truth to something.Otherwise, Kant said that truth exists, that it is there and we just need to find it. However, each mind is a different world. So, the truth is relative to each person.

According to Nietzsche truth is abig lie, which does not exist as well, that the truth exist by the use and custom imposed through the years and these make us live like flock, believe all that tell us to believe. Also, he said that weestablish our own concept of truth, which the truth depend on us, that truth is not established. (Brainy)

On other hand, Kant said that the truth is there, that it is absolute and already exists;we just need to find it. Kant also said that the truth can only be found it by experiences and organizing it in terms of mind´s structure, by all these things he made 3 theories of truth:Correspondence theory of truth, Coherence theory of truth and Pragmatic theory of truth. (tamu)

An example of the difference between relative and absolute truth can be when people say that ghosts do notexist; even so, other people may say they could exist. That means that is relative the belief of existence of ghosts, consequently; truth about ghosts is relative to each people’s knowledge and culture.Another example is about lies, an absolute truth would say it is wrong, but lying to somebody could avoid him to suffer about knowing a painful truth, like if he is got only a month left. So, sayingthat lies are wrong is a relative truth. Even in other examples that we could see as worldwide accepted may change by de side you look at it. Dropping trash on street is wrong, but if nobody drops any...
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