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Recognition and Measurement
The FRS A 6 has as objective to establish the general criteria for valuations, as the initial recognition and in subsequent operations of an entity and also to define and standardize the basic concepts of valuation as part of the special rules that apply in turn to the elements of the financial statements. This rule makes clear that the movements are recognized in theaccounting should come from movements that are made with other entities and that a change financially, be quantifiable monetarily, really matches the beginning of economic substance and also there is a probability that an occurrence of future cash input or output.
The main items discussed at this FRS are the recognition and valuation. Among these is the accrued revenues accounting, which isdefined as "The effects of the transactions carried out an economic entity with other entities of the internal changes and other events that have affected economically, should be recognized in the accounting entirety, at the time in which they occur, regardless of the date deemed made for accounting purposes. " This concept is very important to keep track of what is really happening and the financialoperations of the company, as there are times when operations are performed on a certain date but are paid or charged on a different date. That's no reason to say that should be recorded so far, because the operation does not really happen at the time of collection or payment, but when the deal is done making a purchase or a sale.
Initial recognition is register with the company's financialinformation for the first time, however, is further recognition when the value of the assets, liabilities and capital are affected or modified by subsequent operations which was initially recognized. An example of this may be that purchases an asset, and we recognize the value in that time, but then you have to make changes in value as it becomes depreciating, and sell when the selling price will bedifferent for the depreciation leads.
In terms of valuation, we must pay attention to its definition which says that "anything that is a financial transaction must be quantified in monetary terms." This is important to capture the economic value purchases aim to be valued at market value and not at special prices or convenient for businesses.
There are also input values, which are obtained by theacquisition, restoration or replacement of an asset or a liability and create output are found in output markets, which are obtained by the provision or use of an asset or liquidation. The acquisition cost tells us that you must register the cash amount paid or any assets or equivalent service at that time; Replacement cost is one that will be incurred by the act of acquiring an identical asset asthe one in use , for example, bought a truck load of animals identical to the one currently in use; Replacement cost tells us the FRS A-6 that is nothing more than the lowest cost that can be incurred only to replace the service that gives us an asset in the normal course of operations of the entity, for example, an organization hires food home delivery service because their transport equipmentwere damaged; Finally, the input value regarding historic resources we define this newsletter as the amount received in cash or equivalent resources for the incurrence of a liability. An example can be input value when purchasing a new asset to a new business operation, or when purchased to replace one that is already fully depreciated, as is discussed above.
Now, speaking of the output values, wedefine this newsletter each, first is the realizable value is defined as the amount is received in cash or equivalent or, where appropriate, in kind or by sale exchange of an asset, a daily living such companies are sales of inventories, the following concept to define is the liquidation value is defined as the amount of necessary expenses incurred to settle a liability incurred, An example of...
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