Nike sparq system

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Nike SPARQ is the name used under a marketing relationship between Nike and SPARQ. SPARQ was started in 2004 by Rudy Chapa to create a standardized test for athleticism called the SPARQ Rating and tosell training equipment and methods to help improve athleticism focused on the high school athlete (an "SAT" for athletes). 'SPARQ' is an acronym, standing for Speed, Power, Agility, Reaction andQuickness.

The SPARQ Rating is a sport-specific assessment of athleticism. SPARQ has test protocols for six sports – football, boys’ soccer, girls’ soccer, baseball, fastpitch, boys’ basketball andgirls’ basketball, as well as a test for general athleticism. The tests are designed to test the skills and athleticism demanded by each sport. Some famous athletes who have recorded SPARQ Ratings are:• Reggie Bush (93.38)
• Tim Tebow (96.92)
• Jonathan Stewart (97.54)
• Jacoby Ellsbury (102.31)
• Gold Medalist decathlete Bryan Clay recorded a football rating of 130.40.

The SPARQ generalathletic assessment test is composed of:
• 20 Meter Sprint/40 Yard Dash (Speed)
• Kneeling Power Ball Toss (Power)
• Agility Shuttle (Agility)
• Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test or YIRT (Reaction,Quickness, and Endurance)
• Vertical Jump (Power)

Yard Dash: The 40 yard dash is the simplest activity; an athlete runs 40 yards down a track, and his/her time is recorded by a trainer or othermethod. This time is taken and put into "SPARQ Points", which are added to determine the athlete's overall rating.

Kneeling Power Ball Toss: In the Kneeling Power Ball Toss, an athlete must kneelwith both knees on a flat surface while raising a 2 or 3 kilogram power ball|medicine/power ball over their head. They must proceed to thrust outward, landing in a push-up position. The distance ininches is then turned into SPARQ Points to be added to the final score.

Agility Shuttle: The Agility Shuttle is a shuttle run in which an athlete must run 5 yards, touch an object or mark, proceed to...
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