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  • Publicado : 24 de noviembre de 2010
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Electronic banking (e-banking) is the new aspect of rationalization of banking potentials, and it is defined as assemblage of diverse aspects of performing financial trnsactions by using data andtelecommunicational technology. Electornic banking is extensive concept which includes, apart Internet banking various categories of electronic transactions. Those trnsactions must not be based only onthe Internet tehnology (automation of assets trnsactions; currency conversion, payments, credit payments...) Types of electronic banking services are:information accessing; rewieving account status andelectronic account paying; processing; modifying and transmitting useful information, multi-directioned communications; transmition services of unstructured informations; system services; transferrsof resources between accounts; interbanking transferrings; exchange transactions; electronic procedures in assigning credit; payments of credit; Vantages and interests for banks are the following: making the image of the innovative bank that offers to it's clients solutions based on modern and safe technologies; oppening new market courses; supported integrated electronic connections pay trafficin both national and international frames; easier acquiring clients whose banks do not sustain electronic trading; evident diminuition of trading costs (primary motive for applying electornic bankingis diminuition of trading costs. Praxis of more developed banking sistems shows that electronic transaction costs bank 0.05 (euro), while classical transaction is 1.25 (euro), which is 25 timesexpensive); easier manifestation of banks competitive possibilites; more qualitative and rational distribution of work inside the bank that considers more clearance for the personnel, simpler practice ofmarketing actions... Vantages for the clients are: permanently insight in the account status, 24/7 bank accession, connection of user modulus with exsisting banking applications, easier downloading...
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