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Two agricultural laborers go looking for a job at a ranch in northern California. They are underdog. Guys that have a difficult life and loners because of their job.

Lennie’s love for petting soft things and his problem with stroking them way too hard.

Lennie and George get a job at a ranch. They seeCurley’s wife, who is someone that wears a lot of soft things, likes to be around with the boys. George thinks she is a menace.

Curley’s wife meets Lennie and lets him touch her hair. He uses too much strength worrying the woman. Lennie struggles with her accidentally sofocating her to death.

Curley decides to revenge her wife’s death and goes after Lennie to kill him. ButGeorge gets there first and shoots the big guy.

The story begins with the two friends walking through the country looking for this ranch where they are supposed to get a job. They start working in there and meet the other people in the ranch. The things get complicated when one of the guys is seduced by the wife of one of the other workers. This ends with an accidental death andthe vengeance for the murderer.


1.What is the setting? Historical period? Country or locale? Season of the year? Weather? Time of the day? What are the sights? Sounds? Tastes? Smells? What other details establish a sense of place?
A ranch in Northern California. The story develops in 1929 (the crash of the stock market) in a small village sometimeduring spring and summer. As the story lasts for over 2 or 3 weeks (maybe) night and day events are found.

2. Are the characters in conflict with the setting? What do the characters want? Does the setting keep them from getting what they want?
Yes they are George and Lennie are tired of working for others and follow their rules. They would like to have their own farm where they can live asthey like.

3. What does the setting tell us about the characters? What feelings or attitudes do the characters reveal toward the setting? Fear? Pleasure? Challenge? Dislike? Respect? Other feelings or attitudes?
The characters reveal a dislike towards the setting because they would like to be in their own ranch not in the one of someone else.

4. How would you describe the atmosphere ormood created by the setting? Is it gloomy? Cheerful? Mysterious? Threatening? Other descriptions?
Certainly the setting is a bit threatening due to the fact that it’s a new ranch the characters are working on and would like to be there for longer. But the mood the setting inspires is gloomy and it makes it difficult for the characters to go on through the tough time in the ranch.


1.Who is the narrator?
Limited third person./ Objective and dramatic.
It is not someone related to the story. It is like a camera that records the dialogue and situations between the character.
2.From which of the following three points of view is the story told: omniscient, third-person limited, or first-person?
Third person limited.
3. What does thenarrator know that anyone else could know?
Things like: Why did George and Lennie have come the ranch? How did Lennie kill Curley’s wife? Why did George choose to look after Lennie?
4. What does the narrator not know?
The character’s thoughts. The character’s feelings. The conflict the characters deal with internally.
5. What are the narrator’s biases if any?
He bases on the events as theyhappen in the story. He doesn’t anything but the present.
6. How does the point of view affect the way you feel about the characters? Does it make sympathize more with one character than with another?
As the narrator is objective and dramatic, the feelings the reader gets depend on the reader itself.
7. Choose a different point of view from which the story could be told. How would the story...
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