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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2011
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How my life has hanged since I came to Canada

My life has changed since I came to Canada. When Iarrived here, I was nervous. I have been in Canada for 2 months , and I am very happy. I have met a lot of people from different partsof the world. I am interested in different kinds of cultures and I always try to meet more people.I am trying to adapt to Canada,because the customs are very different. The people are different than the people in Mexico. But I know that with time I can adapt toCanada. Canada is a beautiful country. I have already been in Toronto, Montréal and Quebec. I want to go to Victoria for 5 days,because I have never been there before, and my sister lives there. I have enjoy living in Hamilton even thought it is a small city. Iwill live in Hamilton for one year and I am planning to study at the university of Montreal. I feel sad sometimes because my familyis far away. When I think in my family, I feel sad. One week ago I was very sad, but now I feel good. But I know that my family ishappy, because they want the best for me. Now I know what my goal is. I need to learn English and do the best I can.

“How mylife has changed since I came to Canada”

Student name: Rodrigo Rangel Hernandez
ID: 2009080120
Teacher name: Renata kvaskova