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Module 5 — Repository Configurations

| |Estimated Time: 10 minutes |
|Goals|Configure a distributed repository |
|Tasks |Given a hypotheticalbusiness situation, construct projection targets to use. |
| |Modify the server configuration object to implement the projectiontargets that you configured in the previous |
| |step. |Steps

1. Imagine that the headquarters for your company is based in the Cayman Islands. The company has one repository at its Cayman Island headquarters. In the near future, the company willexpand to include offices in Miami, New York, London, and Frankfurt. Each will have its own Content Server and connection broker to serve local users. The database will remain at the company headquarters.You are the Documentum system administrator in the Cayman Islands. In the space provided below, construct proximity values that the Cayman Islands Content Server projects to all of theconnection brokers in your company environment. (See the Solutions, at the bottom of this lab, for guidance, if needed.)

Cayman Islands (XYYY) _______________

Miami: (XYYY)_________________

New York (XYYY) ________________

London (XYYY) ___________________

Frankfurt (XYYY) ______________

|⎫ |You have constructed the proximity values that youwill use on the Cayman Islands Content Server! |

2. Imagine that you are to configure your student Content Server as the Cayman Islands Content Server. Using the values that you...
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