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Fill in the blanks with am/is/are/don’t/does/doesn’t
1. Excuse me YES you speak English?
2. Have a cigarette. No, thank you. I don’t smoke.
3. Why IS you laughing at me?
4. What ARE she do?She’s a dentist.
5. I don’t want to go out. It IS raining.
6. Where ARE you come from? From Canada.
7. How much IS it cost to send a letter to Canada?
8.I can’t talk to you at the moment. I AMworking.
9. George is a good tennis player but he I do play very often

II. Put the verb in present continuous or present simple
1. Excuse me, YOU SPEAK (you/speak) English?
2. Tom HAVE SHOWER(have/shower) at the moment.
3. They NOT WATCH (not/watch) television very often.
4. Listen! Somebody SING (sing)
5. She’s tired. She WANT (want) to go home.
6. How often YOU READ (you/read) anewspaper?
7. Excuse me, but you SIT (sit) in my place. Oh I’m sorry.
8. I’m sorry. I NOT UNDERSTAND (not/understand). Please speak more slowly.
9.Where are you Roy? I am in the office. I READ (read)10. What time SHE FINISH (she/finish) work every day?
11. You can turn off the radio. I NOT LISTEN (not listen) to it.
12. He NOT USUALLY DRIVE (not/usually/drive) to work. He usually WALK(walk)
III. Put the verb in parentheses present simple or present continuous
1. Every Monday, Sally (drive) their children to soccer practice.
2. Usually, I (work) as a secretary at ABT, but thissummer I (study) French at a language school in Paris.That's why I'm in Paris.
3. Shhhhh! Be quiet! John (the dream).
4. Do not forget your umbrella. By (the rain).
5. I do not like living in Seattle,since (RAINS, always).
6. Sorry, I can not hear what you (say) because everybody (talk) so loudly.
7. Justin (write, currently) a book about his adventures in Tibet. I hope you can finda good editor when completed.
8. Jim: Will you come to dinner tonight?
Denise: Oh, sorry, I can. I (go) to the movies tonight with some friends.
9. Business cards (be, usually) printed by a company in...