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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Imperialism in Africa
Western European nations continue adding colonies to their empires. Such empires building and control of foreign lands called imperialism. Business leaders wanted to be ableto use the many raw materials in Africa. Missionaries wanted to spread Christianity. Political leaders believe owning African colonies would add power and glory to their nations. France, Spain,Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and Great Britain all took part of Africa. The Ottoman Empire had ruled North Africa since the 1400s. By the 1800s, the empire had grown weak. The French took over land along theMediterranean coast. Later, they controlled much of central and western Africa. In 1869, the French finish building the Suez Canal in Egypt. In 1875, the British bought the canal. The canal madesailing from Europe to Indian much faster than before. Later in 1914, great Britain declared Egypt was a protectorate, Egypt was under great Britain`s control and protection. They also establish aprotectorate over Zanzibar in 1890. This island off the coast of eastern Africa was a key trading post. In the 1870s, a race for the rest of Africa began. Europeans divided the continent into severalcolonies. Italy took over Libya and part of Somalia. Germany gained territory in central southern and eastern Africa. Spain gained lands in the northwest. Belgium established a large colony in the Congo Riverregion. Only 2 nations stayed independent – Liberia and Ethiopia. The land was divided without thinking about existing borders between different languages and customs were often placed into a colony.Some Africans, such as the Zulu, fought against European imperialism. The Zulu had built a strong empire in southern Africa. But the Zulu were unable to defeat the British. In 1910, the Britishunited the Boer colonies in south Africa and gained control of the region`s rich. Europeans felt that imperialism was good for Africa. Europeans ended the slave trade in some areas. They built cities,...
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