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Drugs and how to fight against them

Review: More practice with present simple.

Use the present simple to describe habitual actions and facts. Remember to add-s to third person singular verbs.Use don’t/doesn’t + verb in base form or isn’t/aren’t for negative.

I take yoga classes Cocaine causes hallucinations.

I don’t do drugs Heroinisn’t safe

1. Read the sentences and correct them. The English is correct but the imformations is wrong.

Write two correct sentences each time.

1. Cocaine is a black powder.Cocaine is not a black powder

Cocaine is a white powder.

2. Glue sniffers inject the glue into their blood vessels.

Glue sniffers don’t inject the glueinto their blood vessels

Glue sniffers breeth the glue

3. Cocaine users sleep well at night.

Cocaine users don’t sleep well at nightCocaine users are to sleep

4. LSD is made from coca leaves.

LSD isn’t made of coca leaves.

LSD isn’t made of a fungus

5. Heroin is made from a fungus.Heroin isn’t made from a fungus.

Heroin is made of opium popopies

6. Heroin is easy to stop using

Heroin isn’t easy to stop using

Heroinis difficult to stop

2. Choose the best word or phrase to complete the text.

Ecstasy is a drug which (stimulates) the body’s functions. It (produces / produce) intense feeling of happiness andexhilaration. It can make you feel energetic because it (make / makes) the heart beat faster. This (increases / increase) body temperature, which is very dangerous.

The drug (release / releases)chemicals in they brain which (causes / cause) anxiety, panic and possible brain damage. Sometimes visual disturbances, like illusions, also (occur / occurs)

Write sentences about the activities you...
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