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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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Microsoft Age of Empires 1.0b Readme File
April 1998
© Microsoft Corporation, 1998

Microsoft Age of Empires 1.0b is an upgrade of Age of Empires 1.0 that includes several enhancements and bug fixes.

Version Compatibility

1. If you are playing a multiplayer game, all players must be using the same version of Age of Empires.

2. If you are playing a saved game, it must be from the sameversion of Age of Empires you currently have installed. For example, you cannot save a game using version 1.0b, then revert to version 1.0 and play the game saved in version 1.0b.

Microsoft Age of Empires 1.0b includes the following changes:


3. Population Limits -- If you are playing a multiplayer game, the game host can increase or decrease the 50-unit population limit byadding the Limit= parameter to the Age of Empires command line. For more information about this feature, see "Changing the Population Limit" later in this Readme file.

4. Stand Ground -- The Stand Ground button prevents Stone Throwers, Catapults, Heavy Catapults, Catapult Triremes, and Juggernaughts from firing. For all other units, the Stand Ground button causes the unit to remain in itslocation and fire at military units, boats, buildings, and walls within its range.

5. Attack Response -- When a unit is attacked, all units and allied units within two tiles of the unit under attack respond, even if the attacking unit is out of their sight. Villagers that have been assigned a task but are no longer working now react to attacks.

Bug Fixes

6. Infinite Resources During HighLatency -- Buildings no longer return more resources than they originally cost if you press the DELETE key several times during high latency.

7. Multiple Town Centers During High Latency -- You can no longer build multiple Town Centers if you delete your Town Center in the Tool Age or Stone Age and then quickly build several new ones during high latency.

8. Way Points -- Villagers no longercomplete tasks at a way point that is not at a work site. The way point or villager must be at the actual work site (fishing spot, building site, etc.) before they can work. For example, you can no longer use way points to construct a building on the other side of a wall.

9. Group Movement -- Grouped units no longer stop when they bump into each other. Also, movement has been improved so a group ofunits can move through narrow passages more efficiently.

10. Pathing Options -- There is now an option to choose how many pathing possibilities your units calculate when moving a long distance across the map. The higher the pathing setting, the more paths a unit considers. Higher values also require faster computers. To change the unit pathing in a single player or multiplayer game, click theSettings button before you start the game. Or, from within the game, click the Menu button, and then click Game Settings.

Note: This feature is primarily designed to improve pathing performance on high-end computers. The problems listed under Group Movement (above) significantly improve pathing, so you might want to get a feel for these improvements before you change the pathing settings.11. Difficulty Level -- The difficulty level is restored if you save a campaign game, exit to Windows, and then restart the game.

12. Town Centers -- If your Town Center is destroyed before the Bronze Age, you can no longer use the SHIFT key to build multiple Town Centers until you advance to the Bronze Age and build a Government Center.

13. Multiplayer Games -- Several fixes were made toincrease the stability of multiplayer games. Players are dropped from games less often.

14. Allied Transport Loading and Boat Repair -- In order to use allied transports and repair allied boats, both players must set diplomacy to Ally (click the Menu button, and then click Diplomacy). You can no longer attack enemy boats by selecting the player as an ally, luring the boat to shore to repair or...