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Doug and Kay are staying in an old house on Cape Cod. It belongs to Doug’s uncle, and they’ve borrowed it for the weekend. They are sitting in front of the fire in the living roomdownstairs.
Kay: Oh Doug, this house is fantastic! I love old houses. Doug: There’s a ghost here, you know.
Kay: Doug, don’t be silly. Are you trying to scare me? Doug: no. I’ve been coming here foryears. We used to stay here when I was a kid. I saw the ghost myself once. Kay: This isn’t funny, Doug. And I don’t believe in ghosts. Doug: you don’t? Well I do. Kay: Where did you see the ghost?Doug: Up stairs, in the bedroom. It was an ordinary ghost. He was wearing olds clothes from the ‘80s. I’d been out walking all day and I was really tired, so I went to bed early. Kay: Had you beenreading books about ghosts? Doug: No, no. Kay: Well, go on. What happened?
Doug: I’d been in bed for two or three hours…suddenly the ghost was standing beside the clock in my grandfather’s bedroom.Kay: What did you do? What did he said? Doug: Nothing. He just stared at me. Kay: How did he get into the room? Hadn’t you locked the door? Doug: Yes, I had, and the window too. It was a cold,foggy night like tonight. Kay: Was there a fireplace?
Doug: Yes, but there is too small for a man to get down, and there’d been a fire.
Kay: What did you do? Doug: I sat up and stared back at him.I was too shocked to move.
Kay: Well? What happened? Doug: I sat up and stared back at him. I was too shocked to move.
Kay: Well? What happened? Doug: I don’t know how long we’d been staringat each other, when suddenly I shouted and he disappeared. Kay: I don’t believe it. Doug: I told my family who live around here, and they believe me because some of them had seen the same ghostthemselves. They even can describe him if you ask them. Kay: Doug, put some more wood on the fire. I’m going to sleep right here tonight!

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