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Policy Number: M-107 Version: 1.0
Overall Responsibility: NNA Environmental, Health & Safety Department
Approved: Jim Morton, Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration
Effective Date: August 24, 2003
Superseded Policies: NNA 362
Department to contact regarding this policy:Environmental, Health & Safety
Nissan is committed to conserving limited natural resources and reducing waste, pollution and other products harmful to the environment. Nissan strongly encourages all its employees and contractors to participate in company waste reduction, recycling and other programs.
Nissan's environmental policy contains three main components:
l Minimize wastesproduced from company operations
l Recycle as much waste as possible
l Conserve energy and promote the efficient use of utilities.
Note: Corporate Policy M-108 "Environmental Compliance" covers all aspects of handling, storage, transport and disposal of hazardous materials and hazardous wastes. The policy also addresses issues of employee training and awareness and emergency contingency planningrelated to hazardous materials and wastes.

This policy applies to employees of Nissan North America, Inc.- Los Angeles, Canton, its Regions, Parts Distribution Centers, and Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, hereafter collectively referred to as "Nissan."
Nissan North America manufacturing facilities (Symrna and Decherd) share the same corporate
objectives towards waste management,recycling, energy conservation and, new products and services,
however, they are governed by ISO 14000 guidelines and operate under their environmental policies to
maintain this compliance.
The Nissan manufacturing sites at Smyrna and Decherd meet or exceed these requirements by achieving
ISO 14000 certification. The Canton site meets the intent of this policy.

1. Corporate ObjectivesA. Nissan's corporate objectives regarding the effect of company operations on the environment are to:
1. Minimize any adverse environmental impact of its operations in the communities in which Nissan's facilities are located;
2. Reduce any waste and environmental pollution produced;
3. Conserve scarce natural resources.
B. Nissan will continue to explore steps and implement programs toachieve these objectives.
C. Nissan encourages its employees to take an active role in meeting these
environmental objectives. All Nissan employees should:
1. Participate in the Waste Reduction, Recycling and Energy Conservation programs outlined below, and
2. Refer any comments or suggestions on environmental management to the Manager Environmental Safety, and Manager, Facilities
Development andOperations Department.
2. Waste Reduction
A. Nissan is committed to minimizing the wastes it produces. Nissan employees responsible for purchasing materials shall take this into consideration and should use the following hierarchy of waste disposal when deciding among materials.
Disposal options in order of preference are:
1. Source Reduction (Can the material be eliminated entirely?)
2.Recyclable (Can the material be recycled?)
3. Incineration (Can the material be disposed of by incineration?)
4. Landfill (Does the material have to be disposed of at a landfill site?)
B. Employees should refer any questions regarding waste reduction and
environmental purchasing policies to the Manager Environmental, Health & Safety.
3. Recycling
A. Company policy is to recycle as much waste aspossible. Nissan has a Recycling Task Force chaired by the Facilities Department and is responsible for maximizing Nissan's recycling effort. The Recycling Task Force meets on a quarterly basis and is responsible for arranging the collection and recycling of waste items, and evaluating new candidate materials for recycling.
B. Most common waste items at Nissan are recycled. Currently, Nissan...
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