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Reglamento de ingles
a) the student is entitled to be treated with care and respect
b) to express their opinion and follow activities that benefit theirlearning
c) to know how they will be evaluated prior to inisacion units or blocks of didactic
d) to their classes on time and
e) to ask about the class topicf) to know the date of application of tests one week in advance at least
g) released the results of its evaluation at the end of each teaching unit
h) queriedits classification as long as their arguments do not contravene
a) the student must attend class punctually when this is the first of the shift or whenthe student comes from any campus with prior approval of the teacher and will have 3 minutes of Tolerance
b) wear the uniform properly inside and outside the classroomthis includes the haircut for boys and girls without makeup
c) a sus respect classmates and teachers paying attention when they speak, or work exposed
d) performactivities entrusted to it and cooperate with those assigned by team
e) use appropriate language avoiding big words
f) bring the material necessary for thedevelopment, rubber, pencil sharpener, pen etc.
g) accomplish tasks in a timely manner (student not with 3 consecutive tasks) the next day must be submitted with your tutorh) keep your room clean and tidy is strictly forbidden to bring food
i) take notes for class
j) justify absences within the next 3 days after they
k) avoidbringing cell phones, ipods, etc. is collected and only the guardian may pick
the absence of a breach of the above provisions will be made to sanction creditors.
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