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Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verbs in the box

| watch- work- study- swim- go- live- play – read|

1) My father _______works________in a bank.
2) Gaby ____ ___swims________in the club on Mondays.
3) We _______live_______in a big house in Caballito.
4) My brother_____ watches____________TV a lot.
5) My teacher _______goes_________to the cinema at the weekend.
6) We _______ _study________ Hebrew at school.
7) I _____play________ tennis on Sundays.8) My cousin______reads__________the newspaper at work.

Complete the sentences with the correct possessive adjectives.
1) You work with ____your__________uncle.
2) He lives with______his___________grandmother.
3) They don´t like______their____________teacher.
4) She loves________her_______new car.
5) Hi, I´m James. This is______my_________ wife, Sue.
6) Do you have_____your________dictionary with you?
7) We love ______our_______new CD.
8) What´s your father´s name?
_____his_______ Name is Jonathan.

Complete the sentences with IS, ARE,ISN´T orAREN´T . Add “there” where necessary.
1) There ________arent______________any old buildings in my neighborhood.(no)
2) There________are___________some good cafes near my school (yes)
3)There_______is_________ a theater near my house (yes)
4) There_____arent___________any cars in front of my school (no)
5) There _____isnt_________ a pencil on my desk (no)
6) Is There ________________ awashing machine in your house?
7) Is_____there__________ there a library at school?
8) Are there__________ any bookshops near your house?

Replace the underlined words with an object pronoun

1) Idon´t like Carol´s new boyfriend. I don´t like him_____
2) Do you like Diana Freeman? Do you like her____________?
3) My sister doesn´t like U2. My sister doesn’t like _________them_____.
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