No escape from helicopter parents

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  • Publicado : 31 de octubre de 2011
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Summary from the text: “No Escape from Helicopter Parents” by Felix Carroll
In the article “No Escape from Helicopter Parents” written by Felix Carroll, the authors presents to these parents whooverprotect their kids in a way that creates them problems in the future. This is shown by Dr. Foster W. Cline and Jim Fay in their text, “Parenting with Love and Logic: Teaching Children”, were theydefine the term “helicopter parent” as an “ineffective parenting style”.
The author explains the reason of why the “74% of college student parents” (Hunt 2) tend to have this parenting style. As hementions in the text, the 1970’s was an era in which the population of the world was growing drastically. However, economy wasn’t. This created a lack of jobs for the population. People who had to growup in this period of time, had to face economic instability, due to the fact the economy wasn’t growing at the same rate as the people. Individuals couldn’t find jobs. Persons born in this birthrate boost of the 1970’s are called baby boomers. These individuals had a kind of trauma which persists until nowadays, as it is reflected in the way they treat their children. They try to find newlifestyles which they think would avoid an uncertain destiny such as one of unemployment. As they are scared that something similar could happen to them, they think that overprotecting them and giving themprize for everything would make them believe they are better than the rest and they would be able to face the world in a better way. However, this is not always the case.
This type of parentingconsists of mainly showing the kids that they are amazing and make them believe they are superior to the rest. As shown in the text, “helicopter parents” give their kids appraisal for everything theydo even when they don’t deserve it. An example of this is shown by Carroll when he mentions that this type of parent’s award their kids cups and medals even though they have lost the competition they...
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