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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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• Solution for a busy routine
• Combining a full job, school, home business, and family
• MentionSlogan: “if you have a situation that requires an imagination, you should call Quality Impressions”
• Business started 7 years ago as a hobby. Now we have near 500active customers.

The main reason why I choose this topic is to get a better a solution for time management and utilize it in a proper way. I believereducing that time that I spend in my business will alleviate my busy daily routine.
Main Issues: 2nd. Slide

1.- First Solution
• Opening a store. (slide #3)• It solved many issues, but it created new ones.

2.- E-Commerce (slide # 3)
• Solve to process order.
•Solve with art work. Customer willing to built their own art.
• Outsource art work job, if it is necessary, to a company located in India to reduce costs.
•Shipping feature.

3.- Show operation of web site.
• Proof how web site can reduce work load for me.
• Further features to improve web orders to allproducts.
• Show sample of coming feature using
• Marketing my web site will improve the reduction of time I spend with my business.CONCLUSION
E-Commerce thru my web site has helped me in reducing 50% of that time I had been spending in my business. I have a lot of expectations after more features aregoing to be added on the web site.

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