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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2011
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The experiment with the pigeon
Pigeon is placed in a box in which there is a button with the wire, and the window, behind which are the grain. When you press the shutter the windows up, and dove cantake food. "Like most living creatures, the dove quickly connects the rising curtain with the appearance of food. But if you give the grain every 20 seconds, the pigeon will think: "What I earnedit?" If at this moment he clapped his wings, he would slap them and then, in full confidence that this is a defining force. We call it "pigeon superstition. '"

The Big Bang

"What happened beforethe Big Bang? The fact that there was no "before": before the Big Bang, time did not exist. Birth of the time - the result of expansion of the universe. But what happens when the universe will stopexpanding and will move in the opposite direction? What then is the nature of time? If string theory is correct, the universe has nine space dimensions and one time. We can assume that at the beginning ofall the measurements have been intertwined, and after the Big Bang have identified three well-known to us: height, width and depth and another dimension, we know as time. The remaining five were intheir infancy and tangled condition. If we live in a world of twisted dimensions, how do we distinguish illusion from reality? We've learned that time moves in one direction. But what if one of thedimensions are not spatial, and temporal? "


"What happens when we fall in love? Under the influence of the stimulus hypothalamus emits a powerful charge of endorphins. But why is this woman orthis man? Perhaps an individual set of pheromones gives us a genetic signal? Or we learn the features of someone's appearance? Mom's eyes? The scent awakens pleasant memories? Perhaps love - this ispart of the plan? Weapon in the war two types of reproduction? Bacteria and viruses - asexual organisms. With each division, they mutate and improve faster than we are. Against this we have only one...
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