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Nicole’s Show

(Into the stage there are two experts, Pablo and Francisca and the guard, Joaquín. Nicole enter to the stage with enthusiasm)
Nicole: Welcome to my show I’m Nicole (theaudience clap). These are two experts who are going to help to my guests with there’s problems.
She is Vera a psychologist graduate of Yale, she is maidens, she loves singers and tall men, and shenever loses a good drink.
He is Pablo a Scientific of Oxford. He is maidens too, he loves quiet, study and he has a strange fear to cats.
He is the guard we don’t know anything about him.I have a surprise know it going to enter the celebrity of the moment yeah, you know who is he, I won’t let you wait, he is… Beto faez.
fran: OOOMMGG!! omg omg omg! can't believe it'shim!
(she is obviously overwhelmed)
Joao: (says in a low voice) please miss, have a sit, calm down
(Apparently he is doing his job in calming her MORE than ok)

(Francesco enters intothe stage, with a cigarette and a guitar, and Francisca get crazy and start shouting and she behave like a crazy, the guard help her and make her sit, the artist sits in a chair without a word).Nicole: welcome to me show, how are you, do you like me audience.
Francesco: yeah I love them, I’m good I just want to sing.
Nicole: we know that you want to sing but you should do itlater, if you do it know she is going to have a heart attack.
Francesco: (between smokes) ok.
Nicole: He is our first guest, He’s name is Andonai Marley. He has a problem he is a drugaddict and he’s only friend is a cat. Lets receive with a big clap to andonai.

(Andonai enter to the stage)

Nicole: Welcome to my show, sit here please (she show him a sit) how you doing?Andonai: I’m ok.
Nicole: So tell us bob, what is your problem?
Andoni: Well, i'm a drug addict, but that's not why i'm here, it's my cat, I miss my cat!
Nicole: why is your cat...
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