No me interesa ningún título, solo quiero hacier mi maldita tarea

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You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: Dont say hello!Stranger: hola
You: Good
You: You passed
Stranger: oh thank god
You: You will do good in the next round
You: Are You Ready?
Stranger: im ready
You: A Wild Abra Appeared
You: 1) Fight 2) Item3) Pokemon 4) Run
Stranger: 3) pokemon
You: 1) Pikachu lvl 18
2) Butterfree lvl 13
3) Charmeleon lvl 19
4) Rattatta lvl 7
Stranger: is this another question?
You: No you clicked pokemon so youpulled up your party
Stranger: oh shit okay sweet
You: You butterfree is currently on the battlefield
Stranger: can i capture him with the wild safari ball yet?
You: You are on route 5 south ofcerulean city
You: not in the safari zone
You: this abra is level 7 and only know teleport!
You: knows*
You: be careful attempting to catch it
Stranger: i am such a noob.
You: You can phone afriend
Stranger: id like to phone a friend please
You: Please wait while AT&T connect you with your friend…Chad
You: …
You: …
You: Hello?
Stranger: Chad!
You: Hello stranger!
You: How areyou?
Stranger: im on an omegle game show and a wild abra appeared and i selected pokemon and am using a butterfree
Stranger: what do i do
You: Ahh… The old abra
You: Well abra is very good
You: youshould catch it
You: but it only knows one move! which takes it off the battlefield
Stranger: he said i have to be careful because it knows teleport
You: So you should definately put it to sleepon the first turn!
You: (Oh and by the way the “1) Fight 2) Item 3) Pokemon 4) Run” is a main menu that you can return to at any time, just like on the show)
You: (I mean the game haha)
Stranger:hahahaha okay!
You: I hope I helped! Good Luck Stranger!
You: *disconnects*
You: 1) Fight 2) Item 3) Pokemon 4) Run
Stranger: okay
Stranger: 1) Fight
You: 1) Sleep Powder
2) Tackle
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