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  • Publicado : 21 de julio de 2010
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Saving California
Getting clean in the state of Mississippi
Papa is helping and mama is cleaning
In Alabama we would recycle all faster
Price you gottapay when you break the panorama
They never knew that there was anything more than poor
What in the world does your company take me for

Black bandanna, sweetLouisiana
helping on a bank in the state of Indiana
She's a agronomist, rebel and a stunner
All her friends are saving; baby whatcha gonna
Lookin' downthe barrel of a hot sun .45
Just another way to survive

California we will clean
Simultaneous release
California help us breath
World is priestess, saveit first

We are lover babies and fighters
Shoulda seen it coming when it got a little darker
With a help of the state of California
The daywas gonna come when I was gonna mourn ya
A little loaded, he was saving another breath
I love my earth to death

California we will clean
California help us breath
World is prettiest, save it first

Who knew the other side of love?
Who knew that we died to prove?
Too true tosay good bye to world
Too true, too sad sad sad..

Push the global warming creator
One for the now and recycling for the later

Never made it up toMinnesota
North Dakota man was a cleaning for the water

Down in the badlands we weren’t savin' the best for last
It only hurts when I laugh
Gone too fast..California rest in peace
Simultaneous release,
California show your teeth,
She's my priestess, I'm your priest
California help us clean
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