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  • Publicado : 12 de septiembre de 2012
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The promoters of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) promise that they will be more nutritious; they will increase the harvest, and will decrease the use of chemicals. Therefore, transgenics arethe solution to world hunger. They say there will always be people who do not understand science and resist change, but we should accept the risks involved because all technologies have risks.Controversially, the reality shows that GM crops do not meet any of these promises. By contrast, transgenics produce less and have major harms because they use more chemicals. They also generate newenvironmental and health problems, create more unemployment and marginalization, concentrate soil properties, contaminate staple crops of the economies and cultures, such as corn, increase economic dependenceand are a threat to sovereignty.
Genetic engineering is based on more uncertainties than knowledge. GMO are organisms which have been inserted genetic material, usually of other species, by methodsthat could never occur in nature. Recent studies published in scientific journals postulate that the central tenets of genetics since the 1950s could be fundamentally wrong. What is serious is thatthey are taking place on large scale transgenic organisms that end up in our food, medicine, and the surrounding biodiversity. The technology of genetic engineering has so many uncertainties andunpredictable side effects, that it should not be named technology or engineering. During the process are all kinds of unexpected effects and the owners of this work say there is no evidence that havenegative impacts on health or the environment, and that those who question them are not scientists. The reality is worse, because GMO are not inert, but living organisms that are reproduced in theenvironment, beyond the control of those who created them.
First, Genetically Modified Organisms carry very serious health risks. Independent scientists like Dr. Terje Traavik of Norway, in 2004 found...
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