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Cognos 8 BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel®
Bringing multidimensional analysis to your spreadsheets
Cognos 8 BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel® brings the benefits of enterprise business intelligence (BI) to your Excel spreadsheets. It provides a way for business analysts, financial analysts, line-of-business managers, and others to take advantage of Microsoft Excel to perform flexible, interactiveexploration and analysis of multidimensional data. The ability to conduct drag-and-drop exploration and analysis of controlled BI data in Microsoft Excel means that business analysts can work in their spreadsheets using trusted, secure information from Cognos 8 BI, as well as from other data sources. Using formula-based data access, analysts can answer key questions, solve business problems, andpresent results in ways that help drive corporate performance. The self-service nature of Cognos 8 BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel means that users do not depend on IT support to get the job done. Cognos 8 BI for Microsoft Excel is integrated with the rest of the Cognos 8 BI platform, enabling analysts to use their multidimensional explorations as the basis for a broader distribution ofinformation within Cognos 8 BI’s proven reporting and analysis capabilities.

Flexible exploration and analysis
Cognos 8 BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel overcomes the limitations of other Excel-based solutions. Built for use with existing versions of Microsoft Excel, it does not require a platform upgrade. Its single, intuitive interface for all exploration and analysis functions integrates seamlesslywith the existing Excel workspace. Unlike many BI products that provide access to a subset of information or are lacking a complete, integrated enterprise BI solution, Cognos provides interactive exploration and analysis for Microsoft Excel users across all multidimensional sources while meeting the company-wide demands of IT, finance, and business. Cognos 8 BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel offers acomplete range of BI capabilities on a single, proven platform, with common metadata and security to ensure consistent accurate information across the enterprise.

Benefits for business
Cognos 8 BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel provides business users with a wide range of benefits. Ease of use • Easy to learn – Explore, perform flexible analysis, and solve problems in a working environment youalready know. • A single, intuitive interface – Select, filter data, and define layouts to gain a managed view of information with just one interface that is intuitive and integrates seamlessly with Excel. • Independence from IT – Self-service capabilities mean that business users do not need IT support to combine trusted Cognos BI information with other data sources. Completeness • Leverage allExcel features – Use all of Excel’s capabilities to enrich business scenarios and present results that are easy to understand and leverage again.

Using Cognos 8 BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel, users can explore and analyze multidimensional data in a familiar Excel workspace, leveraging all of Excel’s features.

• Include multiple data sources – Explore and analyze information from multiplemultidimensional heterogeneous data sources, including planning and consolidation and dimensionally modeled relational data sources. • Complete, trusted information – Cognos 8 BI data analyzed in Microsoft Excel is sourced from the comprehensive, trusted Cognos 8 BI foundation, ensuring consistency, transparency, and compliance. Flexibility and Reliability • A formula-based approach – Expressinformation as formulas in Excel. Includes the ability to manage query parameters so that users can fully leverage cell-based layouts. • Live connection to BI information – A direct connection to Cognos 8 BI, and continual data refresh, ensures up-tothe-minute accuracy and reliability when exploring in Microsoft Excel. • Automatic refresh – Make changes to analysis or queries— including formatting...
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