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Culture is a whole; this means that it’s integrated by that in which the human has left his track, like physical works, behavior treats, linguistictreats, etc. reason by which the artistic work has been included in this whole. For example, we know the beautiful work of Van Gogh or Beethoven because ofits legacy, and immediately they become part of the culture of Deutschland and Germany.

Culture is a web where all the human’s expressions arelinked together. Nothing is strange to it, because in its web lies all the features and activities in which it has left its track. This means, the termculture synthesizes all cultures around the globe, for example Egyptian culture of pyramids and mummies, or Japanese culture where geishas were born.

Inthe popular culture are the expressions used by the people in the community, because there’s where they’re generated or because, as they are from otherplaces, they’re taken by the people and they mold them so they can use it as an expression via. In the popular culture, the manifestations emerge fromthe people, it put their prints and it fall into the establishment of the culture concept. One example is Christmas. We all know and always celebrate ityear after year, and even though it’s not a Mexican culture, it has become part of it, with the figures of baby Jesus under the Christmas tree and all ofthat. These shows how we took an outsider holiday from another culture and improved it to become part of ours. That’s how popular culture works.
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