Non human primates

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  • Publicado : 14 de diciembre de 2010
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I believe continued genetic research towards non-human primates in the next 10 years will give us a better picture of how we are all linked together. We can see the similarities and differencesbetween old world monkeys, new world monkeys, apes, and us. Giving us a better understanding of how we are closely related can also benefit us in cures or medicine, for diseases and infections. The next 10years can help humans out tremendously, but as long as we help in keeping non human primates from going extinct. These next 10 years in genetic research should lead us towards preventing theextinction of non-human primates, since many are thought to be extinct in 50 years.
Ch. 7 # 1
Non human primates get their rank from their mothers, as do non primate’s species like dogs. The mother isalways the high ranking in my home. The mother chooses which dog will be the alpha male. Size does not matter since, the alpha male is the smallest but most aggressive. Since we, over all are the pack arethe leader of our pets, we influence and become the mother type in choosing the alpha male. Wild dogs would have had one male in charge. Like non human primates, they could have also fought amongsteach other in order to mate. Since the males would know their pups, they could also kill other pups to keep their rank.
Ch. 8 # 1
Territory, mates, food, are types of Aggression among chimpanzees.It can be useful in understanding conflicts between human societies since we do fight for those same ideas. We fight and sometimes to the death for our territory, if it is our home, city, state, orcountry. People still also fight to keep their mates or when a mate is unfaithful. Food can also lead us to aggression. If we had a scarce amount of food, we would travel into anyone’s territory to doanything possible to feed our families. We still have the same types of aggression today in human societies as chimps do. Although we are bigger brained, we still act as chimps. We should learn to...
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