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  • Publicado : 21 de diciembre de 2011
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Discover the true magic of flight


WELCOME We wish to welcome you to our team and thank you for the confidence that you have placed in a niViUK Glider. We would like to share with you the commitment and the passion of the niviuk design team, emotions which have resulted in the creation of the new KoYot. niviuk are very proud of this new glider, a glider carefullydesigned to bring you maximum pleasure whilst allowing you learn and progress. the KoYot will very quickly give you confidence in the air allowing you to learn whilst enjoying playful, safe and easy flying. all made possible on the KoYot a wing with highest performance in this class. We are confident that you will enjoy flying this wing and that you will soon understand the meaning of our slogan: “theimportance of small details” this is the user’s manual that we recommend you to read in detail.

USER’S MANUAL niViUK Gliders KoYot this manual offers all the necessary information that will familiarize you with the main characteristics of your new paraglider. although this manual informs you about your glider, it does not offer the instruction requirements necessary for you to be able to pilotthis type of wing. Flying instruction can only be taught at a paragliding school recognised by the Flying Federation of your country. nevertheless we remind you that it is important that you carefully read all the contents of the manual for your new KoYot. severe injuries to the pilot can be the consequence of the misuse of this equipment.

WelCOMe User’s MANUAl 1. CHArACTerIsTICs 1.1WHo is it DesiGneD For? 1.2 CertiFiCation 1.3 in-FLiGHt beHaVioUr 1.4 asseMbLY, MateriaLs 1.5 eLeMents, CoMPonents 2. UNPACKING ANd AsseMBlY 2.1 CHoose tHe riGHt PLaCe 2.2 ProCeDUre 2.3 asseMbLY oF tHe Harness 2.4 tYPe oF Harness 2.5 asseMbLY oF tHe aCCeLerator 2.6 insPeCtion anD WinG inFLation on tHe GroUnD 2.7 aDjUstinG tHe braKes 3. THe FIrsT FlIGHT 3.1 CHoose tHe riGHt PLaCe 3.2 PreParation3.3 FLiGHt PLan 3.4 Pre-FLiGHt CHeCK List 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 7 7 9 9 9 9 9 2 2 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5.2 b-Line staLL 5.3 sPiraL DiVe 6. sPeCIAl MeTHOds 6.1 toWinG 6.2 aCrobatiC FLiGHt 7. FOldING INsTrUCTIONs 8. CAre ANd MAINTeNANCe 8.1 MaintenanCe 8.2 storaGe 8.3 CHeCKs anD ControLs 8.4 rePairs 9. sAFeTY ANd resPONsIBIlITY 10. GUArANTee 11.TeCHNICAl dATA 11.1 teCHniCaL Data 11.2 MateriaLsDesCriPtion 11.3 riser arranGeMent 11.4 Line PLan 11.5 LenGtHs KoYot 22 11.6 LenGtHs KoYot 24 11.7 LenGtHs KoYot 26 11.8 LenGtHs KoYot 28 11.9 LenGtHs KoYot 31 11.10 CertiFiCation sPeCiMen 10 10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 12 12 13 14 15 16 16 17 17 18 19

the niViUK Gliders team.

3.5 WinG inFLation, ControL, anD taKe-oFF 3.6 LanDinG 4. IN FlIGHT 4.1 FLYinG in tUrbULenCe 4.2 PossibLeConFiGUrations 4.3 UsinG tHe aCCeLerator 4.4 FLYinG WitHoUt braKe Lines 4.5 Knots in FLiGHt 5. lOsING HeIGHT 5.1 biG ears

NIVIUK GlIders C/ DoCtor CoDina, 29 bajos 17165 La CeLLera De ter Girona - sPain teL. +34 972 42 28 78 Fax +34 972 42 00 86



1. CHARACTERISTICS 1.1 WHO Is IT desIGNed FOr? Designed for anyone wanting to discover the “true magic of flight”for the very first time and with the unique combination of a high level safety and performance, allow you to progress your flying in the future years niviuk now offer you the option of not having to change your glider shortly after training. the KoYot will allow you to learn, progress and experience the passion of paragliding for many years after your very first flight. the KoYot is extremely wellsuited to the very new pilot, the slightly more experienced pilot or even the very experienced pilot who wishes to fly with total relaxation. 1.2 CerTIFICATION

this wing’s performance will make quite clear that lightness and efficiency are complementary concepts. even in the most turbulent conditions all instructions are diligently transmitted and the response given by the KoYot is the...
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