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  • Publicado : 13 de septiembre de 2012
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Jasmine Garrett

Mrs. Imoto looks remarkably good for her age.
The statement listed above implies that older women are usually unattractive not only to men their own age but also to younger menas well. Such antics can be found in the institution of mass media. Men usually age gracefully while women go through extremes to ensure that they still look as if they are as youthful as they weretwenty years ago. Wrinkles, sagging breasts, and weight gain have become more frightening than getting cancer or some other deadly disease. The need to look young has become an epidemic especially withthe addition of plastic surgery to “enhance” features, which one could argue that it has become the new “fountain of youth”. The women idolized in American culture always seem to appear younger andmore beautiful as they age right in front of our very eyes which causes women and young girls to turn to the fountain of youth. Fifty is the new twenty.
As a young African-American woman, I don’t feelas much pressure to look young because of the mere fact that I am African-American. “Black don’t crack.” I have constantly heard this saying since I was a young girl, and I constantly am told that Ilook like I’m fifteen or sixteen. I have always received compliments about how beautiful and youthful my skin is. It is said that African-Americans have much more elasticity in their skin than otherraces such as Caucasians and Hispanics alike. Although I believe that I will age much more gracefully than my Caucasian and the like peers, it is still important to me that I take really good care of myskin. I never want to have to go through the pain of plastic surgery to look a certain way. As big as the plastic surgery phenomenon is, many young women fail to realize that once altered, yourface/body will never look the way it did before. I would love to be a “hot mom” and look like I’m twenty when I’m forty. It has become a cultural obsession, but I do not believe I will be going to...
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