Norma ieee para transformadores

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  • Publicado : 27 de octubre de 2010
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IEEE Standard for Standard General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers

IEEE Power Engineering Society
Sponsored by the Transformers Committee

IEEE 3 Park Avenue New York, NY 10016-5997, USA
28 February 2007

IEEE Std C57.12.00™-2006
(Revision of IEEE Std C57.12.00-1999)

IEEE Std C57.12.00™-2006 (Revision of IEEE Std C57.12.00-1999)IEEE Standard for Standard General Requirements for Liquid-Immersed Distribution, Power, and Regulating Transformers

Transformers Committee
of the

IEEE Power Engineering Society
Approved 15 September 2006

IEEE-SA Standards Board

Abstract: Electrical, mechanical, and safety requirements are set forth for liquid-immersed distribution and power transformers, andautotransformers and regulating transformers; single and polyphase, with voltages of 601 V or higher in the highest voltage winding. This standard is a basis for the establishment of performance, limited electrical and mechanical interchangeability, and safety requirements of equipment described; and for assistance in the proper selection of such equipment. The requirements in this standard apply to allliquid-immersed distribution, power, and regulating transformers except the following: instrument transformers, step-voltage and induction voltage regulators, arc furnace transformers, rectifier transformers, specialty transformers, grounding transformers, mobile transformers, and mine transformers. Keywords: autotransformers, distribution transformers, electrical requirements, mechanical requirements,power transformers, regulating transformers, safety requirements

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