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Approved October 1, 1996


Control Valve Capacity Test Procedures

ANSI/ISA-S75.02 — Control Valve Capacity Test Procedures ISBN 1-55617-621-X

Copyright 1996 by the Instrument Society of America. All rights reserved. Printed in the United States of America. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in anyform or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise), without the prior written permission of the Publisher. ISA 67 Alexander Drive P.O. Box 12277 Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27709



This preface, as well as all footnotes and annexes, is included for informational purposes and is not part of ISA-S75.02. This standard has been preparedas part of the service of ISA, the international society for measurement and control, toward a goal of uniformity in the field of instrumentation. To be of real value, this document should not be static, but should be subject to periodic review. Toward this end, the Society welcomes all comments and criticisms, and asks that they be addressed to the Secretary, Standards and Practices Board, ISA; 67Alexander Drive; P.O. Box 12277; Research Triangle Park, NC 27709; Telephone (919) 549-9277; Fax (919) 549-8288; Internet: The ISA Standards and Practices Department is aware of the growing need for attention to the metric system of units in general and the International System of Units (SI) in particular, in the preparation of instrumentation standards. The Department isfurther aware of the benefits to users of ISA standards of incorporating suitable references to the SI (and the metric system) in their business and professional dealings with other countries. Toward this end, this Department will endeavor to introduce SI-acceptable metric units in all new and revised standards to the greatest extent possible. The Metric Practice Guide, which has been published by theInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers as ANSI/IEEE Std. 268-1992 and future revisions will be the reference guide for definitions, symbols, abbreviations, and conversion factors. It is the policy of ISA to encourage and welcome the participation of all concerned individuals and interests in the development of ISA standards, recommended practices, and technical reports. Participation inthe ISA standards-making process by an individual in no way constitutes endorsement by the employer of that individual, of ISA, or of any of the standards that ISA develops. The information contained in the preface, footnotes, and appendices is included for information only and is not a part of the standard. The following people served as members of ISA Committee SP75.02: E. Skovgaard, ChairmanW. Weidman, Managing Director G. Barb G. Borden, Jr. B. Bosserman S. Boyle R. Brodin L. Driskell A. Dvorak J. George* A. Glenn T. Kegel G. Kovecses A. McCauley, Jr. Leslie Controls, Inc. Consultant Consultant Consultant Boyle Engineering Corporation Neles Jamesbury Inc. Fisher Controls International Inc. Consultant Fisher Controls International, Inc. Richards Industries, Incorporated ValtekInternational Colorado Experimental Station Inc. Yarway Corporation Chagrin Valley Controls, Inc.



J. Ozol W. Rahmeyer G. Richards* A. Shea

Commonwealth Edison Utah State University Richrds Industries, Inc. Copes Vulcan, Inc.

The following people served as members of ISA Committee SP75: NAME D. Buchanan*, Chairman W. Weidman, Managing Director T. Ambromaitis* J.Addington H. Backinger G. Baenteli B. Barb H. Baumann K. Black H. Boger G, Borden, Jr. S. Boyle R. Brodin F. Cain C. Corson C. Crawford* L. Driskell J. Duhamel* H. Fuller J. George* L. Griffith B. Hart F. Harthun B. Hatton R. Jeanes C. Koloboff G. Kovecses C. Langford A. Libke R. Louvieere O. Lovet, Jr. A. McCauley, Jr. H. Miller T. Molloy L. Ormanoski J. Ozol W. Rahmeyer J. Reed *One vote per...
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