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NACE Standard RP0169-96 Item No. 21001

Standard Recommended Practice Control of External Corrosion on Underground or Submerged Metallic Piping Systems
This NACE International standard represents a consensus of those individual members who have reviewed this document, its scope, and provisions. Its acceptance does not in any respect preclude anyone, whether he has adopted the standard or not,from manufacturing, marketing, purchasing, or using products, processes, or procedures not in conformance with this standard. Nothing contained in this NACE International standard is to be construed as granting any right, by implication or otherwise, to manufacture, sell, or use in connection with any method, apparatus, or product covered by Letters Patent, or as indemnifying or protecting anyoneagainst liability for infringement of Letters Patent. This standard represents minimum requirements and should in no way be interpreted as a restriction on the use of better procedures or materials. Neither is this standard intended to apply in all cases relating to the subject. Unpredictable circumstances may negate the usefulness of this standard in specific instances. NACE International assumesno responsibility for the interpretation or use of this standard by other parties and accepts responsibility for only those official NACE International interpretations issued by NACE International in accordance with its governing procedures and policies which preclude the issuance of interpretations by individual volunteers. Users of this NACE International standard are responsible for reviewingappropriate health, safety, environmental, and regulatory documents and for determining their applicability in relation to this standard prior to its use. This NACE International standard may not necessarily address all potential health and safety problems or environmental hazards associated with the use of materials, equipment, and/or operations detailed or referred to within this standard. Usersof this NACE International standard are also responsible for establishing appropriate health, safety, and environmental protection practices, in consultation with appropriate regulatory authorities if necessary, to achieve compliance with any existing applicable regulatory requirements prior to the use of this standard. CAUTIONARY NOTICE: NACE International standards are subject to periodicreview, and may be revised or withdrawn at any time without prior notice. NACE International requires that action be taken to reaffirm, revise, or withdraw this standard no later than five years from the date of initial publication. The user is cautioned to obtain the latest edition. Purchasers of NACE International standards may receive current information on all standards and other NACE Internationalpublications by contacting the NACE International Membership Services Department, P.O. Box 218340, Houston, Texas 77218-8340 (telephone +1 [281]228-6200). Reaffirmed 1996-Sept-13 Copyright NACE International. This material is Approved August 1969 reproduced by CSSinfo, (734) 930-9277. No part NACE International of the printed publication, nor any part of the P.O. Box 218340 electronic file may bereproduced or transmitted in Houston, Texas 77218-8340 any form, including transmittal by e-mail, by file +1 (281)228-6200 transfer protocol (FTP), or by being made part of ISBN 1-57590-035-1 a network-accessible system, without the prior ©1996, NACE International written permission of the copyright owner.

RP0169-96 ____________________________________________________________

___________Foreword This standard recommended practice presents procedures and practices for achieving effective control of external corrosion on buried or submerged metallic piping systems. These recommendations are also applicable to many other buried or submerged metallic structures. It is intended for use by corrosion control personnel concerned with the corrosion of buried or submerged piping systems,...
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