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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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Bay Level IED Modeling and Realizing using IEC 61850
Tianqi Xu, Student Member, IEEE, Xianggen Yin, Dahai You, Hongwei Yu, Yangguang Wang, and Hui Hou, Student Member, IEEE
makes IEC 61850 particular. And model design and realization are the most difficult steps of the standard implementation. Appropriate model design and realization are vital for achieving interoperability. This paper isconcerning how to design and realize models. In IEC 61850, SAS devices are divided into three levels, known as process level devices, bay level devices and substation level devices [9]. IEC 61850 introduced the concept of Intelligent Electronic Device (IED), which means devices incorporated one or more processors, with the capability to receive or send data/control from or to an external source.According to this definition, all substation level devices, all bay level devices and process level devices containing processors (such as merging unit) fall into IED. Bay level IEDs are core devices in SAS. In IEC 61850 communication system, they are not only the receptors of process information and the senders of control messages, but also servers which serve substation level IEDs. In the 8communication interface categories IEC 61850 dealing with, 6 relate to bay level IEDs. So realization of bay level IED is important steps of SAS implementation. Model design and realization are the most important steps of bay level IED development because qualities of them would affect the degree of interoperability. So we aim at bay level IED model design and realization in this paper. Model designsof IEDs which perform specific functions are discussed by literatures [10]-[13]. But general method of model design is not given. Based on interoperability conditions analyzing, a general method of IED model designing ensuring interoperability will be given in this paper. Bay level IED is embedded system, which means only process-oriented method can be used to develop its software at present. Whilemodels of IED are object-oriented, they can not be presented directly using classes in bay level IED software. Data structures are used to present models in bay level IED. Data structure includes logical structure and storage structure. Four types of data structure were introduced in [14]. Although the authors did not distinguish between logical structure and storage structure, it can be foundthat they putted attention on the logical structures. They also discussed the advantages and shortcomings of the four data logical structures. However, little attention was focus on interoperability when logical structures were analyzed. Thus the analysis is not completely. We will analyze those logical structures in the perspective of interoperability. Based on that,

Abstract-- Interoperabilityis the most important objective of IEC 61850. Model design and realization are critical steps to implement IEC 61850 and achieve interoperability. Based on analysis of interoperability support, a universal design method of IED model is given, and problems of bay level IED model realization are analyzed. Bay level IED is embedded system, and its information models are usually realized in the formof data structures. Several existing data structures are analyzed with the view point of interoperability. And a new data structure named as ASCI-FC-Data Structure is designed. Unlike other data structure, it includes FCs (Functional Constraints), and shows the true hierarchical structure of information model at the same time, which makes it better to support interoperability. Then data storestructure making use of binary chain list is given with examples to prove the advantages of it in object locating and traversing. A method of FC filtering for ASCI-FC-Data Structure stored in binary chain list is also given to show the advantages of this data structure. Bay Level IED

tandard IEC 61850 series - Communication networks and systems in substations is the most comprehensive and advanced...
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