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Spelling lesson 28.
Helpless: not able to help anises.
Carrels: not thinking what one says. Not watching what one does not carefully.
Hopeless: feeling or giving no hope.
Payment: amount paid.Statement: something stated, repart, account.
Movement: act of fact of moving. The moving parts of a machine.
Goodness: a lowing good, kindest.
Softness: not hard; not stiff, I eliding easily touch.Brightness: lively or cheereful.
Busyness: thing that on is busy at; work.
Spotless: without a sport.
Breathless: out of breath.

Worthless: without worthi good-for-hothing.
Useless: of nouse; worth less.
Pavement: a covering or surface for streest
Treatment: way of theating
Pushiest: pain, suffering, or lass

Spelling lesson 29

Dislike: not like: object to; have a feelingagainst; he
Disappear: pass from sight; from existence; stop being seen:
Incomplete: not complete; lacking some part.
Incorrect: containgnaing erros or miskles; not correct; wroing.
Misplace: put in aplace and then forget wheren it is; mislay.
Misspell: spell incorrectly.
Misled: see mislead.
Rebuild: build again or a new.
Reuse: use again.
Distrust: have no confide
Dishones: ready to cheart.Lesson 31.
machine: arrangement.
Especially: more than others; specially; particulary; principally
Usually: according to what is usually ; commonly ; ordianilly
Probably: more likely than notGiant: like a giant: huger; a gain potato
Moment: a very short spoce of time ; intan
Animals: any living thing that is not a plant
Iron: an implement with a flat surface
Support: give strengthor courage to; keep up
Suppose: consider as possible; take for anagted
Buffalo: animal of north America .
Canada: country in the north part of north America.
Canoe: a light boat pointed at bothends and move with a paddle.
Relatives: persons who belongs to the same family as another
Stomach: the large muscular bag in the body whitch receives swallowed food.
Cement: affine gray porweder...
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