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Normas APA #1

Citas Textuales (Quotations) & Referenciascitadas en el texto (Reference Citations in Text)

• Antes de realizar el siguiente ejercicio debe leer las páginas 1 -12 del libro APA : The Easy Way.

• Resalte en amarillo los errores de citastextuales y referencias que puedan encontrarse en los siguientes párrafos u oraciones y explique su corrección (NO TIENE QUE RE-ESCRIBIR EL PÁRRAFO):

1. Dykens and Gerrard (1986 , p.288)concluded that the psychological profile of bulimics and repeat dieters is similar: “It appears that both repeat dieters and bulimics can be characterized as having low self-esteem and external locus control.This profile supports suggestions from case studies that women with eating disorders suffer from feelings of ineffectiveness and lack of control over decisions.”

2. These investigatorssuggested that “although state and trait anxiety appear to have a similar effect on rumor transmission, it cannot be concluded that this effect was produced by similar social processes” (Walker & Beckerle,1987, p.358).

3. Duerf (1990) suggested that “the “subliminal guilty effect” happens only when semi-nude images are subtly inscribed on the labels of whiskey bottles of light drinkers (p.68)”.Duerf concluded the following:

Some light drinkers have a negative oral fixation which inhibits their pursuit of oral pleasure. One ounce of alcohol from the forbidden bottle apparentlyreleases a flood of libido associated with the mouth and the genitals. Oral guilt enters through the front door and sexual guilt sneaks in the back like an uninvited [italics added] guest. (page 10)4. The concept of chunking was introduced by Miller ( Miller, 1956)

5. Other authors focus on the role of affect (Zajonc, American Psychologist, 1984).

6. Sternberg (1966) was the...
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