Normas din en mineria

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Register of Mining Standards
dated 2008-06

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FABERG Normenausschuss Bergbau im DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V. Contact Hans Georg Blasgude

FABERG Normenausschuss Bergbau

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Normenausschuss Bergbau (FABERG) is an agency of DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V., Berlin. As a joint establishment of the German miningindustry, it is supported by Vereinigung Rohstoffe und Bergbau e.V., Berlin and managed by a governing body. From a management and staff point of view, it is associated with DMT DeutscheMontanTechnologie für Rohstoff, Energie, Umwelt e.V. of Essen. FABERG is responsible for national standardisation in the field of mining and acts as a representative for this field in European (CEN) *) and international(ISO) **) standardisation efforts, supporting the introduction of standards in its specialised field for any practice affected by these and is instrumental in establishing the German standards system. An association representing the interests of the mining industry was formed as early as at the end of the 1800s – as a joint effort of mines in the German Ruhr area – also dealing with issues ofstandardisation and recommending to its member companies the use of specific pipes and underground rail systems. After World War I, a committee was formed, dealing with standardisation on behalf of the coal mining industry in the German Rhineland and Westphalia. It was realised at an early date that standardisation involving the entire mining industry would be more effective and useful. This lead tothe foundation of Fachnormenausschuss für den Bergbau (FaBerg) on November 28th, 1922 at Hannover. Whereas during the first years of FABERG’s existence, dimensional and type standards were primarily set up, these were increasingly followed by quality and demand-based standards. Personal safety equipment, too, was subject to standardisation at an early date. In 1955, during the ISO General Assemblyat Stockholm, the foundation of a “Mining” technical committee - ISO/TC 82 – was resolved, management of which was transferred to FABERG. In addition to this, FABERG is responsible for German representation in ISO/TC 27 "Solid Mineral Fuels". Within the scope of its CEN work delegated by the EU, FABERG was allocated the CEN/TC 196/WG 3 "Hydraulically Powered Support“ and CEN/TC 305/WG 5 "Equipmentand Protective Systems for Mining" Secretariat. FABERG co-operates with other standards committees of DIN, CEN and ISO at national, European and international level, in order to represent the interests of the mining industry. The Register of Standards comprises ISO standards of TC 27 "Solid Mineral Fuels" and of TC 82 "Mining". The register also includes Operating Recommendations for Mining(Bergbau-Betriebsblätter). These are recommendations set up by professionals, based on the same principles, which are mandatory for wording DIN standards. Users of these recommendations are subject to examining whether any arrangements recommended in these are adequate. BergbauBetriebsblätter are published by DMT DeutscheMontanTechnologie für Rohstoff, Energie, Umwelt e.V. Bergbau-Betriebsblätter may beordered from DMT DeutscheMontanTechnologie für Rohstoff, Energie, Umwelt e.V., FABERG, Normenausschuss Bergbau, Am Technologiepark 1, 45307 Essen, Tel: (0201) 172-1553. The Standards Inspection Office of DIN in FABERG is available for inspection of any national DIN standards. Research work may be conveniently performed through the Perinorm database of BSI, AFNOR and DIN and ISO/IEC, CEN/CENELECstandards.

Opening times of Standards Inspection Office (Normenauslegestelle): Monday to Friday: 8.00 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. --------*) CEN = Comité Européen de Normalisation **) ISO = International Organization for Standardization

FABERG Normenausschuss Bergbau

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