North carolina

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  • Publicado : 3 de mayo de 2011
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Jose D. Torres Montalvo
North Carolina

Monday,April 11,2011
Ms. Ramoz
North Carolina

1. On a map of the UnitedStates locate and color the state of your written report.

2. Use a magazine page, power point souvenirs or photos from internet about the states.
A) North Carolina beaches

B) North Carolina flagC) North Carolina State University

D )North Carolina Basketball team

3. What is the present population of this state?
The present population of North Carolina is of 9,535,483.4. What are the natural resources of this state? Mention names of mountains, rivers, lakes , volcanoes, beaches, canyons, or any other features.
Some of the natural resources of this state are:
A)Beaches of the outer banks

B)The wetlands

C ) The Eno River State Park

D) The Albermale-Pamlico National Estuary

E) Mount Jefferson
F)Mountain Stream

5. What historical monuments arelocated in this state?
A) Wright Brothers Memorial

B) Moores Creek National Battlefield

6.Mention the name of a famous or distinguished person from this state.
One of the mostdistinguished person in North Carolina is, Polk, James Knox, the 11th president of the United States.

7.What is the capital of the state?
The capital of the state is Raleigh.

8. In what year was thisstate incorporated into the union?
This state was incorporated into the union in Nov. 21, 1789.

9. What number was it incorporated to the union?
It was the number 12 state to be incorporated to theunion.

10. Who is the current governor of this state?
The current governor of this state is Beverly Perdue.

11.How much would you pay to travel to this state from San juan?
If you will travelfrom San Juan to North Carolina it will cost you 113 dollars.

12. What is the flower of the state?
The flower of this state is Dogwood

13. What is the bird of the state?
The bird of this...
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