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North Korea is one of the last Communist dictatorships. And it is run like Russia was run at the height of the Cold War, no freedom of speech, people cannot question the government or they are imprisoned or killed. They have wanted to reunite with non-Communist South Korea since the Korean War in the early 1950's. South Korea is an industrialcountry which is quite wealthy compared to dirt poor North Korea, where people are often without food and other necessities. 
They have developed nuclear program based in the nuclear energy, but with other propose. Nuclear weapons that had been tested and all the world is worried about how they are going to use that technology and who are they going to use it to.
My opinion about whether the workof the us has been useful or not is that it could be better because it have mostly just make the problems bigger and not solve any of the civil rights violations problems or have stopped them from making nuclear weapons.
Everything started when in the 25th of June of 1950 North Korea, with the help of the People’s Republic of China and the Soviet Union, declared war onsouth Korea, that had the help of the U.S and other countries of the United Nations. In 1910 Japan controlled the region of Korea but in 1945 with the surrender of Japan the United States got the north region of Korea and the Soviet Union the south region. After the United States ended the war with Japan US got the southern part of Korea and the Soviet Union the northern part. The Soviet Union andUnited States agreed to let both parts of Korea have their own elections for the government. This ended working in South Korea but North Korea stetted a communist government.
The failure to hold free elections in the Korean peninsula in 1948 provoked the division between the two sides. The North established a communist government. The 38th parallel became a political border between the two Koreas.They tried to reunification them months before the war started, the tension intensified. The situation became an open warfare when North Korean forces invaded South Korea on 25 June 1950. It was the first significant armed conflict of the Cold War.
In 1953 the war ceased with an armistice that restored the border between the koreas near the 38th parallel and created the Korean Demilitarized Zone(DMZ), a 2.5 mile wide zone between the two Koreas.
Since the end of the war North Korea had have a communist government ruled by a brutal and paranoid Stalinist dictatorship that the western countries couldn’t and had never trust. Kim Il-snug’s dream of a nuclear arsenal dates from 50 years back. Kim Jong-Il (his son) is now head of the state, but the president post had been always assigned tohis father.
North Korea entered a new phase as a major concern the rest of the world in 2006. On October of that year North Korea tested its first nuclear device, and joined the small group of nuclear-armed nations. On May 23, 2009, North Korea announced the test detonation of its second nuclear bomb.
The United Nations, particularlythe United States, came to the aid of South Korea in repelling the invasion that North Korea started on them. In 1994 Jimmy Carter sat down with the North Korea leader Kim Il sung and they made an agreement. The resulting Agreed that North Korea freeze its nuclear program in exchange for shipments of heavy fuel oil from the U.S. and two light-water nuclear reactors to be built by an internationalconsortium funded largely by Japan and South Korea. As part of this agreement, the U.S. and North Korea pledged to move toward full normalization of relations.
North Korea has charged the United States with violating the Agreed by not delivering the heavy fuel oil according to what they said and by not making as fast as they thought it will be the light-water reactors. It has also accused the Clinton...
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