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Norway is a Nordic country situated in the west of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Its name come from “nor veg”, which means “the Northern Road”. Norway has a total area of 385,252 square kilometres anda population about 4, 8 million of habitants. Its currency is the Norwegian Krone, equivalent to 0, 13 euros. The official language is the Norwegian, similar to other Germanic languages like Swedishand Danish.

Norway is inhabited since 12.000 years. Its history like a country begins in Viking Era, at the 8th century, when the habitants of Scandinavia begin to explore the seas and lootthe nearby villages and towns to the coast. The Viking king Harald the fist (known as Harald beautiful Hair) is considered the fist king of Norway. But is in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, whenis Norway is considered like a united and independent kingdom. Norway reached a splendour era in 13th century, when owned an empire at the Northern Atlantic. In 1397 and 1523, Norway joined in theKalmar Union with the others Nordic kingdoms.The Union was dissolved and Norway joined with Denmark till 1814. In this year, Norway proclaimed itself independent, with help of Sweden. In 1940, Norway wasinvaded by the Nazi Germany, who supported the local dictatorship. At the end of the war, the democracy was restored till our days.

Famous Norwegians

Among the many famous Norwegian, stand out:- Erik Thorvaldsson (also known as Erik the Red) was a Viking pirate, trader and explorer. He discovered the island of Greenland and founded the fist settlement here.
- Leif Eriksson(known as The Lucky) was the Erik the Red son. He is considered as one of the fist men who arrive in North America.
- Edvard Grieg was a pianist and composer, known for create the music of the dramaPeer Gynt.
- Edvard Munch was a painter of the expressionist current. He is famous by his piece the scream.

The Bryggen

The Bryggen is a historic district situated in the northwest of the...
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