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  • Publicado : 24 de agosto de 2012
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Difference Between Mexican and American Culture
Mexico and the United States share a common border of around 3,141 km on the northern side. However, despite their close physical proximity, lots ofdissimilarities are observed in the culture, beliefs, traditions and norms of social conduct of the people in these two countries.

The culture of the United States has a strong effect ofcolonization of British Empire. Americans have liberally blended their culture with many other cultures that have been imported by immigration of various communities from all over the world. Whereas, the Mexicanculture has retained the complexity of its history. Mexicans have tried to preserve their lifestyle in a conservative manner. Some aspects of the cultures of the United States and the Mexican people,that show remarkable disparity are given below:

A vast majority of Mexican people use Spanish language. In fact, Mexico is the country which has the largest Spanish speaking populationin the whole world, probably more than even Spain. This is due to the fact that Mexico was a Spanish colony and was under Spanish rule for almost three hundred years. Under the Spanish influence, allthe native languages of Mexico lost their vigor. On the other hand, English is the most popular language among the Americans, purportedly an influence of British colonization in the 17th and 19thcenturies.

Religion has had a very strong influence in the lives of Mexicans. Around ninety per cent of Mexicans follow the traditions of Roman Catholicism. All festivals of the Mexicans arecentered upon their religion. While Americans are also known to be religious, they have a more liberal outlook towards religion.

Mexican people are sensitive and emotional by nature. Theytry to avoid any kind of confrontation. They follow their traditional customs and etiquette. Mexicans consider titles and positions as their status symbols and not money. Americans, on the other hand,...
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