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  • Publicado : 23 de noviembre de 2010
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When Jane was young she wasnt loved by anyone of her family,because she lived with her aunt and cousins, so a family's friend suggestedto jane's aunt to sent her away to school.
after days jane arrived to lowood a charity school, where she met helen burs, and becamefriends, buet when the tiphus epidemic stroke heen died.
eight years later jane became a teacher, and worked as a governess, but one dayshe went to visit her ill aunt. and she gave jane a letter notifing her his uncles wishes ,to give her, his fortune. but then she returnedto her work and proclamed her love for rochester, who felt the same and proposed her marriage, but in the wedding ceremony alawyerdeclared that rochester cannot marry her because he was already married with a madwoman, so jane left the house ands traveled to the north ofengland where she met john rivers and her sisters, and they became her friend.
one day john ansked jane to go with him to india and sheagreed to got, however jane belived to hear rochester calling her she decided to go to see him for the last time.but when shearrived the house was in ruins, because rochesters wife set the house on fire, she daead, and rochester lost a hand ane his sight, but janeassures him her love, and he proposed her marriage once more.
fortunatly he recovered his sight when his firts child was born.
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