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The Murders in the Rue Morgue and other stories
By Edgar Allan Poe
Graded Reader – 1º Bachillerato
Burlington Books

The Masque of the Red Death
1. c
2. e
3. a
4. f
5. b
6. h
7. d
8. g
1. costume
2. carefree
3. dizziness
4. dripping
5. evil
6. dared
7. grabbed
8. crowd
1. set foot
2. take hold
3. moved back
4. went out
5. look after6. pulled off
1. were dying
2. were made
3. struck
4. were enjoying
5. stopped
6. was speaking
1. Prince Prospero took his friends to one of his distant castles so that they would all be safe fro mthe Red Death.
2. The suite was different because in other palaces, suites are built in a straight line. In Prince Prospero's palace there was a sharp turn every seven orten metres so that you could only see one room at a time.
3. When the clock struck the hour, the musicians stopped playing, the dancers stopped dancing and everyone became afraid.
4. When the clock stopped chiming, the laughter started again. The musicians smiled and promised that they would not stop playing the next time the clock chimed.
5. The people saw a masked figure enter the blue room.6. The stranger was tall and thin and he was dressed from head to foot in the clothes of death. He wore a mask that looked like the face of a dead person. he was dressed as the Red Death. his clothes were dripping with blood and there was blood on his face and forehead.
7. When the people pulled off the masked figure's mask and costume, they discovered that the mask and costume were empty.
8. Thestranger was the Red Death.


The Pit and the Pendulum
Prisoner's Actions | The Cell | Prisoner's Feelings | The Trial |
faintedgaspedwrithedstaggeredfelt his waystumbledstruggled | eerie lightpitslimyglowvermindamp(torture)glimmer | blind hopecraved foodsick to deathscared | black-robedcondemncourtroomjudgesentence(torture)  |
1. scared
2. sentence
3. damp
5. torture
6. vermin
1. had been listening, hit, T
2. had been walking, fell, F
3. had been lying, decided, T
4. had been running, got, F
5. had been eating, felt, T
6. had been getting, set, F
2. The prisoner had been walking across the cell when he almos/nearly fell into the pit.
4. Rats had been running all over the cell for hours when the prisoner got hisidea about the strap.
6. The prisoner had been getting closer to the pit when the French Army finally set him.
1. The court pronounced the sentence of death on the prisoner.
2. The narrator knew that he was not in a condemned cell because all the condemmed cells in Toledo had some light, and his cell was completely dark.
3. The narrator measured his dungeon by tearing off the bottonof his robe and putting it on the floor at right angles to the wall. He then put his hands against the wall and started to walk around the cell and back to the strip of robe.
4. When the prisoner woke up, he found a loaf of bread and a jug of water next to him.
5. While he was walking in a straight line across the cell, the bottom of his robe caught between his legs and he fell.
6. As a resultof his fall, the narrator discovered a deep pit in the middle of the cell.
7. The Inquisition had intended him to fall into the pit. He had been chosen for death with terrible mental horrors.
8. When he opened his eyes, the prisoner could see the shape and size of his prison, because there was now some dim light. He was lying on his back on a low wooden bed and was securely tied to it by a longleather strap.
9. When he looked up at the ceiling of the prison, he discovered that it was also made of metal. The figure of Time holding a large pendulum was painted on one of the panels. The prisoner thought he saw the pendulum move a little.
10. When he looked up the next time, the narrator saw that the movement of the pendulum had increased by almost three feet. It was moving much faster...