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VT6107 and VT8231/VT8233/VT8235/VT8237/VT8251 Integrated LAN VT6105/VT6106H/VT6106L/VT6106S VT6105M Driver Package (VIA version) Version: 6.0
1. Major changes in this driver packages
1.1. Mergedrivers for all chips as one package.

2. Notice
2.1.All the drivers included in this driver package are free for the vulnerability of Ethernet frame padding information leakage issue reported by@stake Inc. in Jan 2003. 2.2.WHQL submission number of the Windows NDISM driver (v3.72) for x86/x64 in this software package is 1256778.

3. Detailed change note list
3.1. Drivers Name Ver. Support OSLocation Note

NDIS5 3.72 Windows 98SE, for Windows Windows ME, X86 Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista X86 Edition NDIS5 Windows XP, for Windows Windows Server X64 2003,Windows Vista X64 Edition NDIS5 3.72 Windows XP for Embedded SP1 Embedded 3.68 Windows CE 4.0/4.2 Windows CE 5.0 NDIS2 Windows CE 6.0 4.38 LAN Server DOS Workstations, LANTASTIC, PCNFS, DOS (MS client3.0) 4.34 DOS (NCSA Telnet client, PCTCP)

\Vista_XP_Srv From 3.68 to 3.72: 2003_2K_ME_ 1. Patch Magic Packet cannot wake-up after normal 98SE\X86\ shutdown on some motherboard.
2. Make show packetsor bytes on Activity Property as selectable, default shows packets.

\Vista_XP_Srv 2003_2K_ME_ 98SE\X64 \XPe\ \CE4\ \CE5\
1. No version change in this software package.


\CE6\\LANSVR40.D 1. No version change in this software package. OS\, \LANTASTI\, \MSLANMAN.D OS\, \PCNFS\ From 4.33 to 4.34: \PKTDRVR\
1. Fix the bug of fiber VT6105M auto mode display error. No version change inthis software package.

Server ODI

5.02 Netware Server 3.11, \NETWARE\SR 1.

(ASM version)

Server ODI (C version)


VRODI.311\, \NETWARE\SR VRODI.312\, \NETWARE\SRVRODI.4\ 6.09 Client 32 for DOS, \NETWARE\CL Netware Server 5.0, IENT32\, 5.1, 6.0, 6.5 \NETWARE\SR VRODI.56\ 4.31 DOS (Netware client \NETWARE\D for DOS) OSODI\ 1.12 MAC OS X (10.2.X, \MACOSX\ 10.3.X,...
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