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It encloses the correct response
1. (They´re, their) putting o warm mittens.
2. Chad and Jennifer take (there, their) skates to the pond.
3. The pond is (there, they´re)behind the house.
4. Now (they´re, their) putting on the skates.
5. They wear (there, their) warmest jackets.
6. (Thire, they´re) skating in large circles.
7. Jennifer skates to the bringover (there, they´re)
8. Now (their, there) feet are getting cold.
9. (Their, they´re) heading back home again
Complete each sentence by writing a contraction for the words in parentheses.10. _________planned our trip.(we have)
11. _________never traveled by plane before.( I have)
12. _________a little scared.(I am)
13. My friend Ms. Yin says___________fun.(it is)14. _________flown many times(she has)
15. _________sit beside me. (she will)
16. She says _________like the crew(I will)
17. _________had years of training.(they have)
18._________take care of us.(they will)
19. _________giving us food and drinks now.(they are)
20. _________already above the clouds.(we are)
Writhe the object pronoun in parentheses that cantake the place of the underlined word or words.
1. We packed the suitcases. (they, them) __________
2. Mom and Dad took Rico and me on a trip. (us, we) __________3. We visited my aunt and uncle in Chicago. (they, them)__________
4. Dad asked Uncle Angelo for directions.(he, him) __________
5. Uncle Angelo gave Mother a city map.(her, she)____________
6. We went to the zoo on Saturday. (they, it) ___________
7. Aunt Maria walked with Dad and me. (us we) __________
8. A monkey threw a peanut at Rico. (him, he) _________
9. UncleAngelo had a surprise for Mom. (she, her) _____________
10. Mother had wanted to see the Sears Towers.(it they) ____________

Reading and comprehension.

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